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Privacy Policy

Canada’s National Firearms Association (the Association) is committed to protecting the privacy of members whose personal information is held by the Association through responsible information management practices.  Any personal information provided to Canada’s National Firearms Association is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (BC Personal Information and Privacy Act -PIPA).

Personal Information-means information about an identifiable individual. Examples include name, home address and phone number, social insurance number, financial and medical information. Privacy Officer-means the individual designated responsibility for ensuring that the Association complies with this policy and PIPA.

  1. Accountability Canada’s National Firearms Association will appoint a Privacy Officer annually to oversee the security of personal information.  The name and contact information for the Privacy Officer will be published in the Association magazine and on our website.  The Privacy Officer will be responsible for ensuring that the Association is in compliance with the PIPEDA.  The Privacy Officer will ensure that any personal information transferred to a third party (such as mailing lists for processing of newsletters, etc.) is properly protected.
  2. Purpose for Collecting Information Canada’s National Firearms Association collects personal information in order to properly serve its individual and club members.  Information collected includes:

    a) Name
    b) Address
    c) Telephone and Fax number(s)
    d) Electronic mail address(es)
    e) Availability for volunteering for Association activities
    f) Correspondence with the Association, including statements, court decisions and related documents
    g) Interests regarding firearm activities and supporting documents

    Use of Personal Information
    The information collected is used to fulfill our obligations to you as set out in Canada’s National Firearms Association constitution and by-laws, to provide specific services as required. Our uses of your personal information include:
    • Collecting and maintaining a list of members;
    • Identifying and contacting members both by our office and also by local and regional representatives;
    • Assigning a membership number;
    • Providing mail-outs, the Canadian Firearms Journal and other information to members;
    • Processing club membership dues, donations and insurance;
    • Conducting research and fundraising;
    • Organizing gun shows, shooting matches, competitions, rendezvous’ and other Association related events
  3. Obtaining Consent From time to time Canada’s National Firearms Association may collect additional information in order to fulfill our obligations to you or to provide specific services. This information will only be collected as required and with your express consent.   When this occurs you will be fully informed of the reasons for collection of that information and how the information will be used.  Should you wish to withdraw your consent for the Association to collect personal information, you should be aware that it may affect our ability to provide you with membership services.
  4. Limiting Collection When you join Canada’s National Firearms Association, you provide the Association with basic personal information.  The Association will only collect information as needed to fulfill its responsibilities to you as a member. Canada’s National Firearms Association assures you that your information will only be used for the purposes stated.
  5. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention The Association will only keep your information as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.  Personal information used to make decisions about an individual will be kept for at least one year so as to provide the individual with reasonable access to it.  Personal information will be destroyed as soon it is no longer needed.
  6. Being Accurate Canada’s National Firearms Association is committed to ensuring the accuracy of all personal information collected, stored and shared in the course of its activities.
  7. Using Appropriate Safeguards Protection of Personal and Private Information Canada’s National Firearms Association is committed to protecting your personal information from unauthorized use or disclosure. Our commitment means that:
    • We will use your personal information only for the purposes we have identified;
    • We will not disclose your personal information without your permission unless required by law, in which case we will provide you with notification of the disclosure within 90 days of the disclosure;
    • We do not sell, rent or trade our mailing list. Personal information is only disclosed to third parties (such as name and address information to our mailing agency for magazine distribution) who have signed an agreement binding them to the Association’s privacy policies.
    • We will employ appropriate security measures to ensure only authorized individuals have access to your personal information.  Security measures will include “need to know access”, locking filing cabinets, and technical protection such as electronic passwords, firewalls and encryption as appropriate;
    • We will keep your personal information only as long as required;
    • When your personal information is no longer required we will destroy it in a confidential, secure method.
  8. Being Open Canada’s National Firearms Association will provide you with information about our personal information policy upon request.  The name and contact information of the National Privacy Officer will be published in the Association magazine.
  9. Giving Individuals Access Your Rights: As prescribed by the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the BC Personal Information and Privacy Act (PIPA), you have certain rights of access and correction in regard to your personal information. Requests for access to your personal information, or corrections and any complaints, concerns, or questions must be made in writing, including proof of identity, and directed to: Privacy Officer ( Canada’s National Firearms Association