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Public Believes Police Actions At High River Unnecessary

The NFA conducted a telephone survey of High River, Alberta residents on March 5 to ask the following question:

The RCMP Complaints Commission’s report on the 2013 Alberta floods in High River, said the         Town of High River Emergency Operations Centre ordered the RCMP to enter all homes in High        River, using whatever force necessary. The report found the entry of 4,666 High River homes by the RCMP was “appropriate”.

Would you support the same actions by the High River Emergency Operations Centre and the RCMP, to enter all homes in High River, in a future flood emergency?

Press 1 for Yes

Press 2 for No

Press 3 if you are Undecided 

Of those who answered, 67 percent responded “No” and 33 percent responded “Yes”.  Polling expert Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus with Simon Fraser University had this to say about the telephone poll. “Results from a small but professional survey like this can be trustworthy indicators of public opinion. The sample was drawn using state-of-the-art random-dialing methodology and included all valid telephone numbers of current High River residents.  The response rate is acceptable for public opinion surveys, and the margin of error for random samples of this size (N=436) is better than ± 5 percentage points at a 95% confidence level. The wording of the question appears straight-forward and unbiased. Research always raises more questions than answers. This is particularly true when investigating sensitive questions using small samples. I urge that these findings be verified by a larger survey that would be able to probe more deeply into the opinions of High River residents.”

Speaking from Prince George, NFA President Sheldon Clare pointed out “ The results clearly demonstrate that the public has not accepted the RCMP actions at High River as either reasonable or necessary.  Canadians expect much from their law enforcement officials and it is clear that the actions taken by police to break into obviously unoccupied home were not appropriate in the circumstances. The NFA will continue to demand that the parties responsible be punished for violating people homes and rights at High River.”

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