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Speaking from Prince George, NFA President Sheldon Clare expressed surprise at comments made by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews regarding his support for the classification of the Armi-Jager AP-80 as a prohibited weapon.  “Clearly Minister Toews was poorly and selectively briefed by his RCMP advisers regarding this firearm. The Cabinet has the ability to overturn these nonsensical lists without resorting to great political debates – the question is why have they not done so?” Clare continued, “Like several other look-alike .22 calibre rifles on the restricted and prohibited lists, there is no way the Armi-Jaeger AP-80 rifle is a variant of the AK-47.”  “Besides”, he continued, “These people have had these firearms in their possession for over ten years – there is no public safety threat from these .22 calibre look-a-like firearms.”

“The real question for Canadians,” Clare asked, “is who is in charge, the Minister or the Mounties?”  “To begin fixing this problem,” Clare suggested, “Canada’s NFA believes that the Conservative government needs to conduct a full review of these lists as soon as possible with the aim of removing firearms placed there because of their cosmetic appearance, as well as eliminating arbitrary distinctions of calibre, barrel length, and ending magazine capacity limits placed upon standard capacity magazines.”

President Clare further stated, “All of these issues have improperly caused some firearms to be listed as either prohibited or restricted, and resulted in confiscation of property and at least threats of, if not actual criminal charges being laid against many otherwise law-abiding Canadians.  These classification changes attack people’s property rights, limit the legal use of these firearms, and these limitations have negatively affected many otherwise lawful Canadian firearms owners.  People should be able to lawfully use even their prohibited firearms for legitimate purposes. The reasons for creating these lists were political and had very little to do with any aspect of public safety.  It is time to correct the wrongs of many years of liberal social re-engineering affecting the property rights and personal security of firearms owners,” concluded Clare.  The restricted and prohibited firearm lists are contained at this RCMP website:  Complete lists are located here:


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