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Quebec CFO

Further to the two recent judgements of the Quebec Court of Appeal, validating Bill C-19, and rejecting Quebec’s claim for a preservation and transfer of the long gun registry data, and maintenance of the long gun registration system for Quebec long gun owners, the federal and provincial authorities have nevertheless, de facto, maintained the long gun registration system in effect. The NFA views this course of action as being in clear breach of the existing law applicable to non-restricted firearms.

On July 29th, 2013 the NFA sent three separate demand letters respectively to the Quebec Chief Firearms Officer, to Canada’s Firearms Commissioner, and to Canada’s Director of Registration of Firearms.

In these demand letters, the NFA asked, inter alia: (i) that the Quebec CFO cease to force Quebec gun dealers to register their sales of non-restricted firearms with the Canada Firearms Center; (ii) that Quebec owners be allowed to unregister their non-restricted firearms from the long gun registry; and (iii) that both the Commissioner of Firearms and the Quebec CFO delete their respective records of non-restricted firearms owned by Quebec residents, in order to comply with Section 29 of Bill C-19.

The deadline given to act upon these demand letters has now expired and no response has been received on the part of any of the three parties to whom these demand letters were addressed. In view of this lack of response, the NFA intends to commence legal action to obtain the required relief and protect the rights of Quebec law abiding long gun owners.

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