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The Quebec government is attempting to continue a policy that has already failed at the Federal level.  Speaking from Edmonton, NFA president Sheldon Clare pointed out the folly of a provincial registry “It is a direct threat to the many responsible firearms owners in Quebec and an insult to the intelligence of the Quebec people. This bill would have many negative effects including:  diverting resources from legitimate public safety initiatives, damage to property by engraving, taxpayer expense, and a troubling false sense of security – Quebec’s firearms registry will not solve a problem, it will merely create problems. Engraving a number on firearms would be a logistically impossible process that would guarantee the defeat of the program. It is simply not possible to verify every firearm in the province before registration – this was proven under the failed federal registry”.

Clare continued “People of Quebec are starting to realize that gun control is founded on a lie. Peer-reviewed research clearly shows that firearms legislation does not prevent firearms related crimes. Targeting innocent owners is a simplistic attempt to solve a complex problem, a problem that needs more research and attention to health-care, poverty and economic issues. The Quebec government is tabling legislation that can potentially cost millions, while the province is heavily in debt, with a crumbling infrastructure, and a shortage of doctors and other medical personnel. Even Quebecers who do not own firearms should be concerned about an expensive bureaucratic choice that will not add to public safety. Since this bill is not based on criminal law there is no public safety benefit to its passage. While the rest of Canada is moving forward, the government of Quebec insists on keeping its citizens caught in the past. Unlike the rest of Canada, the Quebec government does not trust its own people.

Long gun registration failed at the national level and there is no compelling argument that would support its success at the provincial level, either in compliance or in public safety.

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