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“Parliamentary spending estimates no longer report cost of Bill C-68, the Firearms Act”

A review of the last seven years RCMP Reports on Plans and Priorities show a progressive worsening of reporting on the costs of the Canadian Firearms Program: Federal Government Costs and Anticipated Planned Spending Requirements. Click on this link for details:


“It’s to the point now that the RCMP’s Parliamentary Estimates report no costs and no number of employees,” stated NFA President, Sheldon Clare. “Why is the RCMP hiding the costs of administering the Firearms Act now? Why are the Prime Minister’s Office and the Conservative Caucus putting up with this lack of accountability and transparency? After all, this is the party that predicted in 1995 that Bill C-68 would cost more than a billion dollars and was first to expose it as a $2 billion dollar boondoggle in 2004. Scrapping the gun registry saved a few million, but the program still costs taxpayers tens of millions a year.” said Clare.

“Maybe this behaviour was acceptable to the RCMP’s old minister; however, there’s a new broom in town now. It’s time for our new Minister of Public Safety, Steve Blaney to demand true accountability and transparency from the Commissioner of the RCMP on how much the Canadian Firearms Program is costing taxpayers today,” demanded the NFA President. “The entire Firearms Act needs to be scrutinized in terms of value for cost – it is clear that taxpayers are not getting value for this expensive administrative failure,” Clare concluded.

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