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Reloading Update #2

In June 2004, information came in to indicate that changes were being proposed to the Explosives Act Regulations.   The proposed changes would affect reloading of ammunition.  The National Firearms Association, and a growing number of other groups, have been working on this issue.

Through the summer and into the fall, the National Firearms Association asked for your input and your comments to go forward to the Department of Natural Resources on this issue. Over 3800 individuals visited our website to find out what was being proposed. We received hundreds of letters from concerned Canadians, and the Explosives Branch also received many communications.

In September 2004, at the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities, the National Firearms Association discussed this issue with relevant groups.  After those discussions we put forward a plan of action to the Department of Natural Resources Explosives Branch and to the Minister of Natural Resources.

From the National Firearms Association’s letter of 06 October 2004 to the Minister:

“… I have invited Dr. Watson (Director, Explosives Branch, Department of Natural Resources) to join an existing user-group of industry professionals and organizations; the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities (WFSA) Manufacturers Advisory Group (MAG). The MAG can provide far greater expertise than a public survey of random individuals ever could. This group already meets annually and includes industry professionals and user groups, and should include a representative of the Explosives Branch.

“I have taken the liberty of making contact with the Secretariat of the WFSA (of which the National Firearms Association is an Executive Member) regarding this matter, and I have been informed that such a representative would be welcomed.

“The National Firearms Association believes that the MAG will serve as a better sounding board and that contact with professionals in this area will ensure that the latest and best information is available to the Department.

“The National Firearms Association, working with industry groups and professionals, would work with the Department of Natural Resources — Explosives Branch to produce safety training materials and advertisements. These materials should be available to expand public awareness in this area.”

The Minister of Natural Resources has accepted this proposal for Dr. Watson to work with National Firearms Association and the WFSA MAG Committee.

The National Firearms Association would like to thank Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. John Efford and Dr. Chris Watson for their efforts in this area.

The National Firearms Association continued to work on this issue, along with a growing number of national and provincial organizations. Our goal here is to make sure that reloading regulations are based on sound scientific research.

The National Firearms Association would like to thank the representatives of the shooting sports, wildlife, conservation, and fish and game associations who have been working with us and each other to allow such a positive approach to work.

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