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Powley Computer Instructions

Thursday, February 24, 2005
Powley Computer Instructions
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This spreadsheet uses calculations that are theoretical and empirical and should not be relied on as your sole source of information for load development. Consult other reliable data sources such as reloading manuals, bullet, and powder manufacturers to confirm the calculated data. This calculator has been included in this package for comparison and academic purposes only.

Data required:

Cartridge Name (optional - but very useful for future reference)
Case Length (inches)
Bullet Length (inches)
Cartridge Length (inches)
Full Water Capacity of Case (grains) - use calculator below
Bullet Diameter (inches)
Bullet Mass (grains)
Height (axial length) of boat-tail (inches) - if the bullet has no boat-tail, enter 0
Tail Diameter of boat-tail (inches) - if the bullet has no boat-tail, enter 0
Rifle Barrel Length (inches)

It is a good idea to reduce the suggested charge by an additional 5% - no matter WHICH powder is suggested. This spreadsheet lists charges for IMR POWDERS only.

Powley Computer (MS Excel)
Case Water Capacity Calculator (MS Excel)