Classes of Firearms

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 19 VERSION 3 Criminal Code section 2 says: 2.  “firearm” means a barrelled weapon from which any shot, bullet or other projectile can be discharg [...] Read More

CC S. 95 – Possession Of Prohibited Or Restricted Firearm With Ammunition

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 20 VERSION 1 Criminal Code section (CC s.) 95 says: 95 (1)  Subject to subsection (3) [does not apply to a legal situation where the person is using the fire [...] Read More

Registration Variations

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 21 VERSION 1 Due to a number of errors and omissions in the Firearms Act procedures for registering firearms, there are a number of things that can be done th [...] Read More

12(6) Handguns–What Now?

INSERT: This exercise is proceeding satisfactorily. Hundreds–perhapss even a few thousand–of 12(6) handgun owners have filed for their reference hearings. They will pro [...] Read More

ATIP-A-2004-0016 Access to Information Printout

The Access to Information printout is a very interesting document. Garry Breitkreuz, Member of Parliament, asked for: Copies of reports showing from December 1, 1998, to present: T [...] Read More


You have the unfortunate duty of telling a woman that her husband was killed in a hunting accident. Obviously, the man possessed firearms. What does the law say must happen to the [...] Read More

Constitutional Defences

In 1985, the Supreme Court of Canada considered the B.C. Motor Vehicle Reference case(Reference Re Section 94(2) of the Motor vehicle Act (1985) 2 SCR 486). It found that the law c [...] Read More

Loaning or Borrowing a Firearm

Firearms Act section [FA s.] 33: A person may lend a firearm only if (a) the person (i) has reasonable grounds to believe that the borrower holds a licence authorizing the borrower [...] Read More