Registry Errors

DEFECTIVE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES AND REGISTRY ERRORS One of the new Regulations is section 1.1 of the “Firearms Registration Certificates Regulations.” To understand [...] Read More

Converted Semi Automatic Firearms.

New 03 March 2005:   FA s. 12(3) Converted Semi-Automatic Firearms The letter below is now somewhat obsolete. The situation will be transformed on 03 April 2005, IF Bill C-10A [...] Read More

Shooting Range Approval

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 3  VERSION 2 UNDER THE OLD ACT, PRE-DEC O1 1998: Shooting ranges required approval by a provincial minister if and only if “restricted weapons” w [...] Read More


THE AR-15 COMPLICATIONS Question: “I hear that the government is planning to convert the Colt AR-15 rifle and all its variants to “prohibited firearm” status. Is [...] Read More

The Law and Orders in Council (Grounding Seminar)

LAWCLASS 10, VERSION 1 Firearms control law consists of three parts — the Firearms Act, the Criminal Code sections that affect firearms, and the Orders in Council that affect [...] Read More

The Firearms Act and Canada’s First Nations

The Firearms Act and Canada’s First Nations People think that the aboriginal peoples have some sort of exemption regarding the provisions of the Firearms Act.  There are min [...] Read More

Hollow-point Handgun Ammunition

Laws Governing the Import and Manufacture of Hollow-point Handgun Ammunition This area of law is exotic, however, the following principles come into play with respect to the posses [...] Read More

Dual Registration Under C-68

Question: I bought an firearm and had possession of it long enough to receive a registration certificate.  I then transferred the firearm to my wife and she received a registratio [...] Read More