Information for Executors regarding firearms

Question:  Myself and my wife are going to have our wills set up through our lawyer, and I want to know how we should handle the firearms. I have an FAC, as well as several long g [...] Read More

Search Warrants

This is could be very important information for future use. PRINT it, discuss it with your family, and post it inside a cupboard or someplace where your family knows about. Add you [...] Read More

Reloading Update #3

Here are the links to the Department of Natural Resources: From the Nati [...] Read More

Reloading Update #2

In June 2004, information came in to indicate that changes were being proposed to the Explosives Act Regulations.   The proposed changes would affect reloading of ammunition.  T [...] Read More

Reloading Update #1

New! Sept 2004: Department of Natural Resources  Update The federal Department of Natural Resources is reviewing proposals with regard to smokeless powder, black powder and reload [...] Read More