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Swiss Arms/CZ 858 Amnesty Document

Swiss Arms/CZ 858 Amnesty Document

The amnesty allows for possession of Swiss Arms and 2007 and later CZ 8585 Rifles by owners who hold valid firearms licenses and who acquired them lawfully, but does not allow for transportation of these rifles for hunting or target shooting purposes.

The amnesty only allows these rifles to be transported for purposes of surrender to the RCMP or another law enforcement agency, or for sale or disposal to an authorized firearms dealer or museum.

Transfers of Restricted Swiss Arms and CZ 858 Rifles between firearms license holders are being refused at this time.

It is unlawful to sell or transfer effected Non Restricted Swiss Arms or 2007 or later CZ 858 rifles to another firearms license holder at this time.

NFA advises that owners of these rifles store them at home according to regulation, and do not attempt to use them for hunting or target shooting purposes until the RCMP reclassification mess has been dealt with.