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The NFA will fight efforts by the Quebec CFO to disarm non criminal motorcycle enthusiasts

October 4, 2018

NFA President Sheldon Clare advises: The NFA has learned that the new Quebec Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) has initiated a flurry of Firearm Licence revocations targeting current and former members of motorcycle clubs, stating as the reason for PAL revocation that these individuals are either members of a criminal organization or have associated with such a criminal organization. Mr. Clare continued, “We are concerned that innocent people may have been denied due process and could be unfairly targeted for license revocation, simply by being placed on a police list which was then given to the Quebec CFO.”

Clare pointed out that “Reports show that on or about September 24, 2018, hundreds of PAL holders were sent a Notice of revocation for those very reasons.  Through examining some of these people, the NFA has determined that a large number of the affected individuals have been wrongfully targeted.  Indeed, the Quebec CFO does not appear to discriminate between individuals who are mere motorcycling enthusiasts and members or sympathizers of actual criminal biker gangs.”

Clare outlined the process underway: “In view of the large number of individuals who are simultaneously affected, the NFA has devised the following strategy.  First, a user friendly form of Reference (the name of the court proceeding by which a decision of the CFO may be challenged) has been devised and posted on the NFA website, together with a memorandum containing guidelines and explaining the Reference process.  A link to those documents is provided below.  Second, the NFA is in the process of identifying lead cases that will be financially supported, in order to set binding precedents and hopefully force the CFO to backtrack on all such cases. “

Mr. Clare concluded that: “The NFA wants to make it clear that it is not against efforts of police forces to disarm genuine criminals.  However, this recent initiative by the Quebec CFO appears to be ill advised and botched.  It also runs contrary to the rules of procedural fairness, in that a large number of honest gun owners who also happen to be motorcycling enthusiasts have been unfairly and indiscriminately targeted.  That is the wrong which the NFA seeks to address.”

Canada’s National Firearms Association is the largest Canadian organization fighting for the rights of Canadian firearms users.  NFA is a registered UN NGO with consultative status to ECOSOC.


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