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URGENT: Politicians in Ottawa are planning a new GUN BAN! But YOU can help stop them. Please, let me explain…



***Please note that we are extending our membership and petition return deadline to January 21, 2019 due to the postal strike.***

Law-abiding gun owners in Canada are counting on you.

As I write you, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his MPs are planning to ban guns in Canada.

In August, Justin Trudeau quietly asked one of his Cabinet Ministers, Bill Blair, to explore harsh new regulations for firearms owners – and a ban on guns.

Like thousands of law-abiding gunowners across Canada, you’re probably wondering how far they’ll go…

Will their plan include hand guns? Hunting rifles? Shotguns? We don’t know. They won’t tell us.

But here’s one thing we do know:

Any attempt to ban firearms in Canada is an attack on law-abiding gun owners – everyday men and women who enjoy activities like hunting and sport shooting. And, for many Canadians, it’s an attack on their very way of life.

We need to fight back. The politicians must be stopped. They need to get the message – keep your hands off our guns!

That’s why our organization, Canada’s National Firearms Association, has launched a new campaign to pressure the Trudeau government to back off from their planned gun ban.

But to get the job done, I need your help

Enclosed with this letter, you will find a special petition addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It calls on him to abandon his planned gun ban and to finally show law-abiding gun owners the respect they deserve.

Can I count on you to help us FIGHT BACK by affixing your signature to our petition and then, using the postage-paid envelope provided, rush it back to me right away?(over please)

I must receive your signed petition by November 30, so I can make sure it’s delivered directly to the Prime Minister.

With your help, we can show the politicians we’re ready to stand up for gun rights and make them think twice about their gun ban.

After all, that’s what our organization, Canada’s National Firearms Association, is all about. We exist to promote, support and protect all safe firearms activities, including the right to self-defence.

We provide firearms enthusiasts in Canada with networking opportunities and ensure they stay up to date on the latest gun news through our free magazine, Canadian Firearms Journal.

We also provide our members with legal assistance when the government interferes with their gun rights. For example…

When we get involved in the specific area of “improper storage” charges, in three out of four cases the Crown drops all charges before the case goes to court.

And 85% of cases that do go to court are won with the assistance and advice of the National Firearms Association.

Of course, our legal and education work extends far beyond “improper storage” charges.  We help our members understand their rights when it comes to inheritance regulations and search warrants.

Perhaps most importantly, the National Firearms Association engages in aggressive political advocacy campaigns in support of our Members… we are the voice of law-abiding gun owners in Ottawa!

We go toe-to-toe with gun-hating politicians who overstep their mandate and infringe on your rights.

We work with the best and brightest to defeat anti-gun legislation, mount successful public relations campaigns in defence of law-abiding gun owners and work to elect pro-gun candidates to Parliament.

Too often, governments in Canada have used gun owners as political punching bags. Through the National Firearms Association, gun owners punch back!

For more than fifty years, Canada’s National Firearms Association has stood up for law-abiding gun owners, but today, our organization is needed more than ever…

That’s because the current crop of politicians running Ottawa are the most anti-gun ever. They’ll stop at nothing to take our guns away and infringe on your rights.

We need your help to fight back against the politicians and their planned gun ban. We must defend our rights.

Will you help us?

In addition to rushing back your signed petition, can I count on you to help us take a strong stand in support of law-abiding gun owners by officially becoming a member of Canada’s National Firearms Association today?

Membership is only $35 per year and entitles you to all the great benefits I mentioned earlier.

Most importantly, membership in the National Firearms Association signals your strong support for law-abiding gun owners – and your opposition to a gun ban in Canada!

This is serious. I don’t mean to alarm you, but if you think I’m joking when I say the current crop of politicians running Ottawa are the most anti-gun ever, then I invite you to consider their own words…

>>> Toronto-area Liberal John McKay told reporters:

“There is no tolerance for people having guns in Toronto, period — long guns, short guns, in-between guns, fast guns, slow guns.”

>>> Adam Vaughan, another Toronto-area Liberal MP says:

“Look, there is no rational reason to own a handgun in an urban setting. Period. You may like them, you may enjoy target shooting, you may have all kinds of emotional reactions to the presence of them in your life, but the reality is they’re bloody dangerous.”                                              

>>> Kim Rudd, a Liberal MP who represents Ontario’s Northumberland region, is on the record saying:

“Most people … question why anyone would need a handgun or need an assault rifle.”

That’s just a small sampling of the kind of anti-gun statements politicians are making these days.

But there’s still time to stop them from going ahead with their anti-gun agenda. We may be able to stop their gun ban.

You can help by doing two key things right away.

  1. Using the postage-paid envelope provided, sign and return your Prime Minister Justin Trudeau petition to my attention immediately. Together, we can make sure Trudeau gets the message – keep your hands off our guns; and
  2. Join Canada’s National Firearms association today by completing the enclosed form and sending along your $35 membership fee. There’s strength in numbers. By joining the team today, you’ll be playing a big role in protecting gun rights in Canada and fighting back against the government’s new gun ban!

(Plus, you’ll be entitled to all of the great benefits I outlined earlier! I can’t wait to have you on our team!)

While I am concerned about the government’s plans to impose a gun ban on Canadians, I’m also optimistic about the future.

I’m optimistic because I know everyday Canadians like you are prepared to step up and fight back against government overreach and politicians who want to take away our rights.

With your help, I have every confidence we will mount a strong campaign in defence of gun rights and score a big win on behalf of law-abiding gun owners everywhere. And it all starts with you joining Canada’s National Firearms Association today.


Sheldon Clare
Canada’s National Firearms Association


P.S. Politicians in Ottawa are planning to ban guns in Canada. The best way for you to help stop them is by joining the National Firearms Association today. Time is running out…


Petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada draw your attention to the following:

That, any attempt to ban firearms is an affront to the millions of Canadians who use guns responsibly for hunting, sports shooting, collecting, and defence; and

That, in many parts of Canada, regular firearms usage is a way of life; and

That, banning firearms will do nothing to remove violent criminals from our streets; and

That, the government of Canada has launched an all-out attack on law-abiding gunowners by planning to ban firearms;

Therefore, Prime Minister, we petitioners respectfully call upon you to abandon your plan to ban guns in Canada and finally show law-abiding gun owners the respect they deserve.


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