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V-P Message

Social Re-Engineering - A message from NFA's vice-president Blair Hagen. Featured in the September-October  issue of the CFJ.

Social Re-Engineering

As we move into the fall, Justin and the Liberals will move to fast-track Bill C-21. Handgun freezes, gun bans, red flag laws to target any-one with a firearms license for special treatment and every civil disarmament fantasy dreamed and demanded by the civil disarmament lobby will attempt to be implemented. Its important to document this.

C-21 is an attempt to not only provide the basis for one of the biggest confiscations of rights and property in Canadian history, but also to destroy the Canadian firearms industry and the right and cultural tradition of firearms ownership in Canada. This is social re-engineering in its purest form. Fewer firearms, fewer firearms owners, fewer firearms businesses and fewer firearms activities, with the hope that the result is the neutralization of firearms as a political and economic issue in Canada in the future. The future they want for you, me, every Canadian.

That politicians and bureaucrats would conspire to legislate and regulate solely for political purposes, with full knowledge of the effects on Canadians who did nothing to deserve the destruction of their businesses, property, livelihood, rights and culture, is a complete and utter disgrace. This causes me to harken back to another time the Liberals attacked the rights and freedoms of Canadians, with results that in their elitist arrogance they could have never imagined.

The collective outrage of Canadians in reaction to the Liberals C-68 Firearms Act of 1995 and the incredible failure of that program eventually resulted in the defeat of that government in 2006 and the Liberals spending almost a decade in the political wilderness.

However, C-68 also had its intended effect. From 1995 until 2006, confiscation of rights and property were the order of the day and millions of Canadians were subjected to its excesses, which resulted in the loss of their rights, freedoms, property, businesses and, in many cases, their futures. After 1995, over half of the firearms businesses in Canada were forced to close shop as the legal and regulatory burden became too onerous to over-come and sales slid due to the very sincere belief the Liberals intended to end firearms ownership in Canada. That was the intended effect, and it almost worked.

But Canadians are resilient people. We will not tolerate the efforts of politicians and bureaucrats to destroy the cherished values of our nation. We will always work towards political and legal solutions to remove those politicians from office, bring those bureaucrats to heel and stop civil disarmament efforts wherever they threaten our rights and freedoms.

We built back, fought the political battles that destroyed the credibility of the Liberal gun program, created the political alternatives and solutions necessary to end their attacks and ultimately enacted legislation ending one of the cornerstones of their hallmark civil disarmament legislation, the infamous and failed long gun registry. But now the Liberals are bringing it back, through the back door, and much worse. But guess what? There’s light at the end of this dark, creepy woke Liberal/progressive tunnel.

The Conservative Party leadership race is heating up and there seems to be a different feel to this particular one. Dare I say excitement? Most of the candidates have made positive statements about ending Justin and the Liberals’ attacks on the rights and freedoms of Canadians and pursuing fundamental firearms law reforms when they are elected.

Many of the CPC candidates also seem to have fresh and innovative ideas not only on the firearms issue, but on many of the economic and social issues that currently plague Canadians courtesy of Justin and the Liberals. Justin Trudeau’s government will be defeated. His Liberal government has wrecked our economy, has deliberately divided Canadians along political and cultural lines, has attacked the basic rights and freedoms of Canadians, has imprisoned, harassed, censored and has perpetrated a war of economic and cultural attacks on the lives of regular, every-day Canadians from coast to coast for over six years.

If anyone you know defends what Justin and the Liberals have done, they deserve a pie in the face, to be covered in silly string and at the very least mocked and politely but earnestly told to go to hell.
We must work and prepare now for the government that will replace Jus-tin and the Liberals. Change is com-ing. The next government is likely to wish to legislate firearms law reforms. The firearms laws in Canada today are so far beyond the pale of respon-sible regulation it is a disgrace. I think I used that word before. I’m sure I’ll use it again. Or maybe I’ll simply describe them as despicable.

However, those reforms cannot be minor or limited in scope. They cannot attempt to simply amend or ameliorate current Firearms Act regu-lations. I know I tend to sound like a broken record on a permanent skip, and I have said this again and again over the many years I have had a col-umn in the Canadian Firearms Journal. The entire vile Liberal Firearms Act must be replaced by new legislation that fundamentally changes Cana-dian firearms laws once and for all, and forever. A clear repudiation of the Liberal Party’s civil disarmament agenda. If there are no howls of out-rage from mainstream media, journalists, newsroom editors or from the benches of the opposition when that legislation is passed, then something is very wrong.

The C-68 Firearms Act and all its edifices, PAL, ATT, all of its restrictions, bureaucratic nonsense and regulatory offenses against Canadian citizenship must be expunged and erased.

We must have made-in-Canada firearms laws for Canadians, not based on American gun control narratives, not based on international civil disarmament initiatives. Laws based on Canadian values and realities that respect the rights and property of Canadians, and instead punish the criminal misuse of fire-arms. Completely opposite of what is in place now.

The last few years have been lean years, not only for Canadian firearm owners, but also for everyone who believes in rights and freedoms. This will continue for a time while Canadians maintain the process of jettisoning Justin and the Liberals and re-establishing our precious rights and freedoms.

Join me in recommitting to this fight as free people bestowed with the rights and freedoms of our ancestors, to defeat once again those who disarm and relegate Canadians to the status of subjects or privileged serfs; something we are not and never will be. I promise. 

Blair Hagen, Executive VP-Communication