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Victory in Quebec!


According to NFA President Sheldon Clare, “The unanimous decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal to deny the Quebec government access to the records of the firearms registry is a victory for firearms owners everywhere in Canada. It is also a victory for the rule of law.”

Speaking from Edmonton, Clare said that Canada’s National Firearms Association is proud to support the Quebec firearms community in their victory. Regarding the possibility of an appeal, Clare and NFA Executive Vice President Shawn Bevins both pointed out that it would be unusual for the Supreme Court of Canada to hear an appeal against a unanimous decision. Regardless, said Bevins, “Firearms owners everywhere need to be vigilant about their rights. The registry was only one small part of the problems that are faced by good people every day. There are many onerous and unnecessary provisions in the Firearms Act that arose from former bills C-17 and C68. Quebec’s Bill 20, that would create a provincial firearms registry, is dependent upon having access to the registry records. The Quebec government knows that it would cost an outrageous part of the provincial budget to bring in a registry.” Clare agreed, “It’s time for firearms owners to push back against 32 years of bad and unnecessary gun laws.

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