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A Message for Firearms Owners – New Alberta Justice Minister

We recently caught up with the newly appointed Minister of Justice for Alberta, Mickey Amery, and he was kind enough to speak with us and deliver a message, not just to Albertans, but to all Canadians. Thank you Mr. Amery, we look forward to watching Alberta lead the charge in defending the rights and freedoms of Canadians. Under your government, we truly hope Alberta can, and will remain ‘Strong and Free’. Please like, share and subscribe. It is absolutely essential we normalize our culture in Canada. The alienation and division of the firearms community is essential to the Liberal/NDP coalition’s attempts to scapegoat us for the years of failed bail reform/catch and release policy. Follow us on all of our social media: And join a Canadian firearms lobby – and as always we recommend Canada’s National Firearms Association, our nation’s oldest, largest, and most politically active firearms organization.