Liberal Gun Control a Ten Billion Dollar Tax Waste

January 23, 2020 Speaking from Prince George, NFA President Sheldon Clare criticized Liberal statements proposing additional gun control measures.  “Canada already has some of t [...] Read More

NFA defends Gun Owners in Toronto

December 2, 2019 Toronto City Councillors voted 41-4 in favour of measures involving asking the federal government to ban legal handgun sales in Toronto and asking Ontario to ban t [...] Read More

NFA Comments on Supreme Court Refusing to hear Challenge of Quebec Registry

November 14, 2019 Speaking from Prince George, BC, NFA President Sheldon Clare commented that “Together with the rest of the country, we found out this morning that the Supreme C [...] Read More

No mandate for gun bans

October 22, 2019 We are still here. Even though the election wasn’t what we hoped, we put in a very good effort and we did win the popular vote, even if that didn’t translate i [...] Read More

Desperate and Unpopular Liberal Government announces gun ban Election platform

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government, reeling from recent controversies, allegations of fraud, and the failures of his government, announced that his government [...] Read More

NFA seeks leave to Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada on Quebec Firearms Registry

NFA to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada over unconstitutional Quebec long-gun registry MONTREAL – Canada’s National Firearms Association will be seeking [...] Read More

The NFA gets a win against the Quebec Chief Firearms Officer

Today, Canada’s National Firearms Association scored a significant victory for Canadian firearms owners. President Sheldon Clare explained, “A few months ago, the Quebec Chief [...] Read More

Senator’s attempt to ban handguns

A Trudeau-appointed Senator’s attempt to ban handguns fails at Senate committee OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Today at the Senate National Security and Defence committee hearings o [...] Read More