Response to Public Safety Committee Motion

I am surprised that Liberal parliamentarians have time to watch our popular NFA Talk podcast. Perhaps the country would be in better shape if the Liberal government actually starte [...] Read More

Bill C-21 prohibits airguns

Speaking From Prince George, BC NFA President Sheldon Clare stated: “Bill C-21 is about ending your ability to collect, enjoy, and make use of your firearms.  If you doubt this, [...] Read More


CONTEXT 1. On May 1, 2020, the Government of Canada enacted an Order in Council SOR/ 2020-96 (the “OIC”) purporting to reclassify eleven categories of firearms as prohibited. H [...] Read More

NFA announces support for court challenge to Liberal gun grab

May 07, 2020 Prince George, BC Ottawa-based lawyer Solomon Friedman announced May 6, 2020 that, within the next few days,  he will be filing an action in the Federal Court, seekin [...] Read More

Ban Bill Blair

May 02, 2020 In concert with our other firearms organizations, Canada’s National Firearms Association demands the immediate removal of Bill Blair as Minister of Public Safety and [...] Read More

Liberal Gun Control a Ten Billion Dollar Tax Waste

January 23, 2020 Speaking from Prince George, NFA President Sheldon Clare criticized Liberal statements proposing additional gun control measures.  “Canada already has some of t [...] Read More

NFA defends Gun Owners in Toronto

December 2, 2019 Toronto City Councillors voted 41-4 in favour of measures involving asking the federal government to ban legal handgun sales in Toronto and asking Ontario to ban t [...] Read More

NFA Comments on Supreme Court Refusing to hear Challenge of Quebec Registry

November 14, 2019 Speaking from Prince George, BC, NFA President Sheldon Clare commented that “Together with the rest of the country, we found out this morning that the Supreme C [...] Read More