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The NFA Achieves an Important Court Victory for Canadian Gun Owners

April 27, 2017 On April 26, 2017, the Court of Quebec (i.e. Quebec Provincial Court) heard and decided a case involving the scope of the discretionary power of the Chief Firearms Officer(s), to attach conditions to licences and authorizations issued pursuant the Firearms Act. The Applicant, Marc-André Paquin, is an NFA member and professional fur […] Read more

Canada’s National Firearms Association announces that elections will be held for the Board of Directors

Canada’s National Firearms Association announces that elections will be held for the Board of Directors. Interested parties should submit a nomination form and a short (200 words) biography and statement of intent to the National office no later than October 1, 2016. Nomination forms are available for download here (NFA_NominationForm_2016_EN), you will also find the […] Read more

Poll shows half of High River residents want judicial inquiry

CANADA’S NATIONAL FIREARMS ASSOCIATION MEDIA RELEASE Poll shows half of High River residents want judicial inquiry Three High River polls show a lot more questions need to be answered to rebuild trust Today, Canada’s National Firearms Association released the results of their third telephone poll conducted in High River since the flood of 2013.   Three […] Read more

NFA Achieves ECOSOC Special Consultative Status with the UN

NFA President Sheldon Clare, speaking from Williams Lake, BC announced that “The NFA has achieved Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) special consultative status at the UN.”  Clare stated that, “This means that the NFA will have better access to the UN which it can use to fight for the rights of civilian Canadians to own […] Read more

Teo Sanchez And Matthew Hudec Join Team NFA

Canada’s National Firearms Association is pleased to welcome Matthew Hudec of Saskatchewan, and Teo Sanchez of Quebec, both currently training in Canmore, Alberta with the national biathlon team, to Team NFA.  Speaking from Hixon, BC, NFA President Sheldon Clare stated, “Matt and Teo are excellent young athletes who have demonstrated great skill and tremendous potential.  […] Read more


NFA Submits Petitions to Parliament Canada’s National Firearm Association has submitted two petitions of approximately 30,000 signatures each to the House of Commons.  Speaking from Prince George, NFA President Sheldon Clare reported “We are very pleased with results of many hours of volunteer work in collecting so many signatures on these petitions.  The purposes of […] Read more


Speaking from Prince George, BC, NFA President Sheldon Clare expressed the association’s pleasure at today’s decision of the SCC which struck down mandatory minimum sentencing in Regina v. Nur. “This is a great day and a very good decision for all Canadians,” Clare stated. “Once again judges will be able to use their discretion when […] Read more


Today, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a landmark decision in the “Long Gun Registry” matter.  The Court affirmed the earlier decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal, dismissing Quebec’s demand to obtain the records of the now defunct long gun registry.  The nine judges of the Supreme Court split five against four in favour […] Read more

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