NFA SEARCH & SEIZURE INVESTIGATIVE TECHNIQUES OF POLICE OFFICERS The police use their powers in the Criminal Code, and the common law to detain, search and seize firearms on pe [...] Read More

Norinco Type 97 & Reclassification Of Firearms Act

Briefing Paper On Reclassification of Firearms and Related Issues Prepared for The Government of Canada by Canada’s National Firearms Association The full paper may be downlo [...] Read More

NFA Privacy Policy

Introduction Canada’s National Firearms Association (the Association) is committed to protecting the privacy of members whose personal information is held by the Association [...] Read More

Search Warrants. The Police are at your door, what do YOU do?

The National Firearms Association has just released an updated version of A Primer on Search Warrants. A PDF version of this text in a trifold pamphlet format, suitable for commerc [...] Read More

Dealing with the Firearms Control Bureaucracy

If you have ever needed to make contact with a firearms control bureaucrat, you have probably found it quite difficult. Here are the addresses and phone numbers that you need. Keep [...] Read More

Protecting Human Life From Criminal Violence

NFA Briefing Document 9, Version 5 Parliament established an administrative structure and a set of administrative procedures enacted to control and deal with the problems that aris [...] Read More

Document Refusal and Revocation

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 16, VERSION 4  It is possible that, some day, you will be refused a licence or authorization to transport by the Chief Firearms Officer or one of his staff. [...] Read More

The Law and the Orders in Council

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 17 VERSION 1 Firearms control law consists of three parts — the Firearms Act, the Criminal Code sections that affect firearms, and the Orders in Council [...] Read More