NFA SEARCH & SEIZURE INVESTIGATIVE TECHNIQUES OF POLICE OFFICERS The police use their powers in the Criminal Code, and the common law to detain, search and seize firearms on pe [...] Read More

Norinco Type 97 & Reclassification Of Firearms Act

Briefing Paper On Reclassification of Firearms and Related Issues Prepared for The Government of Canada by Canada’s National Firearms Association The full paper may be downlo [...] Read More

NFA Privacy Policy

Introduction Canada’s National Firearms Association (the Association) is committed to protecting the privacy of members whose personal information is held by the Association [...] Read More

Search Warrants. The Police are at your door, what do YOU do?

The National Firearms Association has just released an updated version of A Primer on Search Warrants. A PDF version of this text in a trifold pamphlet format, suitable for commerc [...] Read More

Dealing with the Firearms Control Bureaucracy

If you have ever needed to make contact with a firearms control bureaucrat, you have probably found it quite difficult. Here are the addresses and phone numbers that you need. Keep [...] Read More

Protecting Human Life From Criminal Violence

NFA Briefing Document 9, Version 5 Parliament established an administrative structure and a set of administrative procedures enacted to control and deal with the problems that aris [...] Read More

Document Refusal and Revocation

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 16, VERSION 4  It is possible that, some day, you will be refused a licence or authorization to transport by the Chief Firearms Officer or one of his staff. [...] Read More

The Law and the Orders in Council

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 17 VERSION 1 Firearms control law consists of three parts — the Firearms Act, the Criminal Code sections that affect firearms, and the Orders in Council [...] Read More

Classes of Firearms

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 19 VERSION 3 Criminal Code section 2 says: 2.  “firearm” means a barrelled weapon from which any shot, bullet or other projectile can be discharg [...] Read More

CC S. 95 – Possession Of Prohibited Or Restricted Firearm With Ammunition

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 20 VERSION 1 Criminal Code section (CC s.) 95 says: 95 (1)  Subject to subsection (3) [does not apply to a legal situation where the person is using the fire [...] Read More

Registration Variations

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 21 VERSION 1 Due to a number of errors and omissions in the Firearms Act procedures for registering firearms, there are a number of things that can be done th [...] Read More

12(6) Handguns–What Now?

INSERT: This exercise is proceeding satisfactorily. Hundreds–perhapss even a few thousand–of 12(6) handgun owners have filed for their reference hearings. They will pro [...] Read More

ATIP-A-2004-0016 Access to Information Printout

The Access to Information printout is a very interesting document. Garry Breitkreuz, Member of Parliament, asked for: Copies of reports showing from December 1, 1998, to present: T [...] Read More


You have the unfortunate duty of telling a woman that her husband was killed in a hunting accident. Obviously, the man possessed firearms. What does the law say must happen to the [...] Read More

Constitutional Defences

In 1985, the Supreme Court of Canada considered the B.C. Motor Vehicle Reference case(Reference Re Section 94(2) of the Motor vehicle Act (1985) 2 SCR 486). It found that the law c [...] Read More

Loaning or Borrowing a Firearm

Firearms Act section [FA s.] 33: A person may lend a firearm only if (a) the person (i) has reasonable grounds to believe that the borrower holds a licence authorizing the borrower [...] Read More

Registry Errors

DEFECTIVE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES AND REGISTRY ERRORS One of the new Regulations is section 1.1 of the “Firearms Registration Certificates Regulations.” To understand [...] Read More

Converted Semi Automatic Firearms.

New 03 March 2005:   FA s. 12(3) Converted Semi-Automatic Firearms The letter below is now somewhat obsolete. The situation will be transformed on 03 April 2005, IF Bill C-10A [...] Read More

Shooting Range Approval

NFA BRIEFING DOCUMENT 3  VERSION 2 UNDER THE OLD ACT, PRE-DEC O1 1998: Shooting ranges required approval by a provincial minister if and only if “restricted weapons” w [...] Read More


THE AR-15 COMPLICATIONS Question: “I hear that the government is planning to convert the Colt AR-15 rifle and all its variants to “prohibited firearm” status. Is [...] Read More

The Law and Orders in Council (Grounding Seminar)

LAWCLASS 10, VERSION 1 Firearms control law consists of three parts — the Firearms Act, the Criminal Code sections that affect firearms, and the Orders in Council that affect [...] Read More

The Firearms Act and Canada’s First Nations

The Firearms Act and Canada’s First Nations People think that the aboriginal peoples have some sort of exemption regarding the provisions of the Firearms Act.  There are min [...] Read More

Hollow-point Handgun Ammunition

Laws Governing the Import and Manufacture of Hollow-point Handgun Ammunition This area of law is exotic, however, the following principles come into play with respect to the posses [...] Read More

Dual Registration Under C-68

Question: I bought an firearm and had possession of it long enough to receive a registration certificate.  I then transferred the firearm to my wife and she received a registratio [...] Read More

Barrel and Firearms Lengths

An unholy mess has been made by earlier legislation plus Bill C-68 regarding the definitions of non-restricted firearms, “restricted firearms”, “prohibited firear [...] Read More

Antique and Blackpowder Firearms

Criminal Code section (CC s.) 84(3) says, in part: For the purposes of (CC) sections 91 to 95, 99 to 101, 103 to 107 and 117.03 of this Act and the provisions of the Firearms Act, [...] Read More

Hunt Camp Storage

The regulations for “storage” and “transport” of firearms are different, and therefore cannot be applied at the same time.  If the firearm is in an unatten [...] Read More

Safe, And Legal Storage Of Non-Restricted Firearms

You have come home from a long day of hunting. You didn’t see so much as a chattering squirrel all day. You are wet and weary.   The only thing you really want is a hot [...] Read More

Replica Firearms

Replica Firearms Replicas are classed as “replica firearms” and “replica firearms” are classed as “prohibited devices.” A “replica firearm [...] Read More

The Lupara or Short Barreled Shotgun

The Lupara or Short Barreled Shotgun     There is much confusion as to the status of short barrelled shotguns today. If the barrel of any shotgun is cut to less than 18&# [...] Read More

Interpretation of the Explosives Act

Storing Propellant Powders in a Dwelling House Sections Considered: : Part XII, sect 133, 134, 136, 137, 138, 140(3)(a), 140(4), 141(a). Part XIII, sect 143. A person may store up [...] Read More

Le Mandat De Perquisition (French Translation Of Search Warrants)


Information for Executors regarding firearms

Question:  Myself and my wife are going to have our wills set up through our lawyer, and I want to know how we should handle the firearms. I have an FAC, as well as several long g [...] Read More

Search Warrants

This is could be very important information for future use. PRINT it, discuss it with your family, and post it inside a cupboard or someplace where your family knows about. Add you [...] Read More

Reloading Update #3

Here are the links to the Department of Natural Resources: From the Nati [...] Read More

Reloading Update #2

In June 2004, information came in to indicate that changes were being proposed to the Explosives Act Regulations.   The proposed changes would affect reloading of ammunition.  T [...] Read More

Reloading Update #1

New! Sept 2004: Department of Natural Resources  Update The federal Department of Natural Resources is reviewing proposals with regard to smokeless powder, black powder and reload [...] Read More