NFALI (National Firearms Association’s Liability Insurance)

Do you know your coverage?

Both individuals and clubs need insurance, if they are engaged in the shooting sports. For clubs, the law requires that they carry at least $2 million in liability protection. For individuals, it is up to each person to decide whether or not he/she purchases liability insurance. However, a liability suit as a result of your sporting activities can devastate your financial situation if you do not have insurance. The legal fees alone can break you!

Canada’s National Firearms Association’s Liability Insurance program (ARRANGED THROUGH HUB INTERNATIONAL) offers $5,000,000 in coverage for only $9.95 per year for each NFA member insured! *Includes NFA Admin Fee

The policy offered by the National Firearms Association covers an individual or club for $5,000,000 in liability coverage.

This is NOT an aggregate amount. It is $5,000,000 in Liability Insurance for any claim.

Each individual, or each individual member of an NFA insured club, is covered for:

  • Legal hunting activities
  • Legal bowhunting activities
  • Legal shooting activities
  • Legal archery activities
  • Legal fishing activities
  • Legal re-enactment activities

Anywhere in the World!

PLEASE NOTE: The NFALI does not cover activities involving horses or businesses.

Commercial general liability primary coverage is $5,000,000 with a $500 deductible for situations involving bodily injury, property damage, and legal expense at all demonstration, practice, training and/or competition shooting events, and or other firearms activity sponsored by the club.

Coverage for wrongful acts, errors and omissions by Directors and Officers of the club is $10,000,000 with a $500 deductible.

The NFA does not charge clubs an additional fee of up to $500 for Directors and Officers coverage as do several other shooting organizations!

Non-owned automobile liability coverage for the covered club is $5,000,000 with no deductible.

Tenant’s legal liability coverage for the covered club is $1,000,000 with a $500 deductible for any one premise.

The landowner of a club’s range can be added as Additional Insured at no added cost to club or landowner.

All name and address information is held at the Canada’s National Firearms Association office, and not sent to the insurance company.

A club pays $5 per member ($50 minimum) to affiliate with the National Firearms Association, plus only $9.95* per member (no minimum) for NFA Liability Insurance coverage!*

That’s right — the entire package including NFA affiliation and $5,000,000 in liability coverage costs the club only $14.95 per person!

An NFA member, whether individual or family, pays the regular membership fee ($30 Senior, $35 Regular or $45 Family) plus only $9.95 per person for NFA Liability Insurance coverage!*

When you send a cheque or your credit card information to Canada’s National Firearms Association, Box 49090, EDMONTON AB, T6E 6H4, your membership and coverage will run from the date of the postmark on the letter to one calendar year later.

When you send a fax to (780) 439-4091 to make a credit card purchase of membership and insurance, coverage will run from the date of receipt by the Canada’s National Firearms Association to one calendar year later.

You can purchase Canada’s National Firearms Association membership, which can include Canada’s National Firearms Association Liability Insurance immediately by calling the NFA Toll-free at: 1-877-818-0393 with your credit card out and ready.

NFA’s Liability Insurance can be purchased up to a year term.

There has been a report that another firearm organization has advised some gun clubs that NFA Liability Insurance is actually “secondary” insurance while their insurance is “primary” insurance. NFA insurance is primary insurance when you are shooting at a club range.

NFA insurance, as stated in the policy, is secondary insurance only when hunting or fishing and only if you already have personal liability insurance which covers those activities. Should you be hunting or fishing and do not have any other personal liability insurance NFA insurance is in fact primary.

This information is intended to be descriptive of insurance coverage provided, it is not an insurance policy.

In case of conflict between this document and the actual policy of insurance, the policy shall be paramount.

*Includes NFA admin fee

For inquiries regarding insurance coverage, please contact HUB International directly.


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