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All About Accuracy – We talk to Marksmanship Master Rob Furlong

During our unforgettable experience attending the Rob Furlong Marksmanship Academy Precision Rifle Course, we were able to ‘steal away’ class Instructor, and the ‘bullseye master’ himself, Rob Furlong, for a quick behind-the-scenes discussion on his course, optics, and what it takes to be an accurate sharpshooter. If you want to ‘up-your-game’ to the next step, the RFMA courses are your master class to get you to that professional level. Also featured, Hornady Ammunition, Leupold Optics and Cadex Defence. For more information or to check out the courses that Rob Furlong’s Marksmanship Academy offers, check out: Website: and their Facebook: Instagram: (Apologies for the audio in advance, we were dealing with prairie winds and the hum of a generator – Mics are in the works.)