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The winner of the Big Freakin’ Gun was John Woolsey from Ontario. John is 74 years old and been a member of the NFA since 1992. Tragically John had a heart attack, he survived but is now recovering in hospital. After discussing the nature of the prize with John’s wife Eilleen (who had since broke the news about the prize) John has decided not to accept the prize, in-fact John’s intention was to take the Furlong Course, use the BA-50 for a couple rounds and donate it back to the NFA, John is a shining example of the level of commitment and loyalty that many NFA members have in common! As a result John wishes that the prize pack be given to an individual who will truly enjoy this incredible prize. We will be offering John a cheque, a plaque and a lifetime membership in lieu of the Prize pack. Speaking for the whole of the NFA its directors and members, we send our prayers & thoughts to this incredibly selfless Canadian gunny! Get well soon John!

In the nature of John’s generosity we have drawn another name. We would like to congratulate Robert Gerhardt of Edmonton, Alberta as he will soon come into possession of the Big Freakin’ Gun!