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FH Munitions, New High Quality Ammo in Canada!

Join us as we take a tour of the new FH Munition facility, out of Calgary, Alberta. Producing match-grade ammunition right here in Canada, FH Munition has been getting rave reviews from every-day shooters to serious competitors alike. Check out today! Special appearances by competitive shooters, drop them a like, follow, and help support them on their social media: Taylor Reich – Melody Philistin – Laura Seitz – Taylor Vivian – Please like, share and subscribe. It is absolutely essential we normalize our culture in Canada. The alienation and division of the firearms community is essential to the Liberal/NDP coalition’s attempts to scapegoat us for the years of failed bail reform/ catch and release policy. Follow us on all of our social media: And join a Canadian firearms lobby – and as always we recommend Canada’s National Firearms Association, our nation’s oldest, largest, and most politically active firearms organization.