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July 27, 2018

Reacting to pressure from Toronto City council and the media, the federal Liberal Government has promised to give serious consideration to a national handgun ban, and failing that targeted handgun bans in cities or provinces.

Speaking from White Rock, NFA President Sheldon Clare said, “This knee jerk reaction would have serious ramifications. Even considering such a ban shows this government’s contempt for the rights and property of Canadians.”

He continued, “The terrorist who perpetrated the Toronto attack, which resulted in the murders of two innocents and the wounding of many more, possessed no firearms license, no registration, no authorizations and used a stolen firearm. This is a classic example of the failure of gun laws to stop a person of ill intent from carrying out an evil act.”

Clare pointed out, “He was known to police, yet none of Canada’s gun control laws stopped him or even impeded him from committing his act of terrorism. No gun control law or firearms ban has anything whatsoever to do with public safety. Now the government is targeting the property of Canadians as a kind of bizarre virtue signalling gone mad.  Most Canadians understand that the lawful ownership of handguns was not an issue.  Lawful ownership and use of firearms of any type has nothing whatsoever to do with criminal misuse, or terrorist acts.”

Clare continued, “A federal Liberal Government already banned half of the handguns in Canada in 1995 and has been steadily confiscating them from their owners since then using the firearms licensing and registration system.  This history, the current discussion of a handgun ban, and the government’s current Bill C71 prove conclusively that firearms licensing and registrations systems are nothing more than tools to effect the confiscation of property.”

“Clearly,” Clare stated, “This recent bill is a reaction to the failure of another Liberal governments attempt at a universal firearms registry including rifles and shotguns, which was done away with in 2012.

Clare concluded, “Canada’s National Firearms Association strongly opposes firearms bans and calls for fundamental reform of Canada’s oppressive and unreasonable firearms laws.   These laws have never fulfilled claims of providing public safety.  Instead, firearms laws have been used to distract the public from other areas of failed government policy. It is clear that this liberal government has no interest in public safety and is merely seeking a wedge issue to shore up support in the face of several gaffes and policy disasters. The NFA will ensure that MPs who support more bad gun laws will feel the anger of Canadian firearms owners at the ballot box in the next election.”

Canada’s National Firearms Association is the largest Canadian organization fighting for the rights of Canadian firearms users.  NFA is a registered UN NGO with consultative status to ECOSOC.


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