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Historical Firearms Now On The Chopping Block By Liberal/NDP

With the Calgary Stampede in full swing, it is an absolute head-scratcher as to how Liberal and NDP politicians can question the validity of the historical significance of firearms ownership in Canada. From the iconic images that Calgarians know so well of Guy Weadick, and his wife Florence LaDue, founder of the Calgary Stampede, brandishing their revolvers – to the decades of firearms displays, trick shooters, and demonstrations every year; a cowboy six-shooter is just as quintessential to the celebrations as a bucking bronco or a ten-gallon hat. With even commemorative Calgary Stampede Lever-Actions rifles in times past, to pins, badges, and advertising with the classic cowboy and his rifle or sidearm, the fact that all of these historical firearms are now on the chopping block by the Liberal/NDP coalition is an absolute travesty. Even the very first advertisement for the Calgary Stampede featured the painting ‘Range Mother’ by the famed Western artist C.M. Russell, complete with a cowboy wielding his Colt SAA in the air.

It is not the six-shooters, lever actions, or farmer shotguns to blame for the historic violent crime rates in this country, and yet that is where the coalition government is laying its vilification and focus. This year at the Stampede, for firearms performers. it has been a solemn and sad one, with talk that, without a reversal of Bill C-21, this time-honored tradition will be unconstitutionally and unfoundedly snuffed out.