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Is Compensation No Longer Being Considered in Liberal Firearms Confiscation?

Newly released documents conspicuously show a change in wording to ‘past tense’ in regard to a compensation program.

Although the documentation clearly shows that the Liberal Government, hand in hand and supported by the NDP, intends to move forward with the firearms confiscation program, wording has changed in terms of how they intend to reimburse law-abiding firearms owners for the seizure of their legally purchased property.

The Summer 2023 ‘Transition Binder’ for new safety Minister Leblanc, replacement for the disastrous Minister Mendicino, newly published only days ago clearly shows a change in language, and although much of the documentation remains nearly identical, areas involving compensation are now changed to an open-ended ‘previously offered’ phrasing.

For example, the wording in the original documentation declared:

“Govt is developing plan for fair compensation (…)”

Wording as of November 23rd, 2023’s quiet online release:

“At the time of the prohibition, the Govt committed to …”

Not that any sort of compensation would have been acceptable for many of us seeking to hold on to our family heirlooms, but the insult to law-abiding firearms owners seems to continue when it comes to this Liberal/NDP coalition government. But the affront and abuse towards those who obeyed the law and are just seeking to be left alone continues.

Could this mean no compensation will be awarded to those who cooperate with the forced confiscations?

Only time will tell, but we recently saw a piecemeal implementation of what we expect will become the ‘order of the day’ as soon as Bill C-21 passes and their new ‘Firearms Advisory Committee’ is given the power to arbitrarily ban anything they wish.

Just look at the recent overnight bans of the Micro Tavor or the T97. Turn them in, or face the consequences. No discussion. No compensation. No choice.

Perhaps, in the insultingly dismissive words of Minister Gudie Hutchins, firearms owners should have “voted Liberal if they wanted more representation” to be able to hold on to their “.22 Gauges”.

Special thanks to for the catch on this one.