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Letter to the Minister of Public Safety, August 30

Dear Minister Blaney:
Subject: Repeal of Magazine Capacity Regulations:
Canada’s National Firearms Association requests that the Conservative government remove legal restrictions in the Firearms Act and its related regulations that are unnecessary and have no effect upon public safety.

The restrictions on magazine capacity are such a regulatory problem. There are tens of thousands of otherwise innocent people who are not in compliance with the regulations that limit standard capacity magazine size for pistols and centre-fire semi-automatic rifles. There are hundreds of thousands of these magazines in the hands of Canadian firearms owners, many of whom are not even aware that these magazines are prohibited – those that are aware are universally of the view that such restrictions are simply silly.

While these magazine capacity restrictions do not affect the actions of criminals, they have placed many people into non-compliance with a law that provides a significant criminal penalty for having a magazine that can hold more than 10 shots for a pistol and over five for a semi-automatic centre-fire rifle. Several common firearms are designed to use standard capacity magazines with capacities well above those arbitrary limits imposed by a previous government.

Administering this regulatory requirement provides a significant administrative burden on thegovernment and taxpayer, as well as a potential criminal liability on otherwise innocent people who possess such magazines.

I respectfully advise that your government repeal this unnecessary regulation and restore the
legality of standard capacity magazines. Our representatives would be happy to meet with you to
discuss this matter. I look forward to your response.
Yours truly,

Sheldon Clare, MA
President – Canada’s National Firearms Association