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Liberals Used Cabinet Confidentiality To Hide The Rest

With the Liberal (NDP and Block supported – let’s never forget the accomplices) Bill C-21 Firearms Ban making its way through the Senate, we are disheartened to see that it will most likely pass before Christmas. 

With that being said, the newest issue of our own publication, The Canadian Firearms Journal, will not grace the mailboxes of members until January, so we thought we would share a brief portion of a poignant piece of writing that goes into great detail illustrating the absolute ‘cherry-picking’ of research for this bill’s supporting groundwork.

One study was chosen, while others were exempt from consideration, and the intention was clear – to play directly into the Liberal narrative and to justify their government overreach.

Below is an excerpt from Bruce Gold’s article, ‘One Lone (Flawed) Study’, which you will be able to read in its entirety in our next Canadian Firearms Journal issue, January-February 2024.

“The Trudeau government has been criticized for suppressing the evidence behind their ongoing assaults on legal firearm owners.

“Firearm Availability and Homicide: A Review of the Literature”, was the only study cited in the gun ban OICs.

It quickly became obvious why it was chosen since it claimed, “The research suggests that households with firearms are at higher risk for homicide, and there is no net beneficial effect of firearm ownership.”

Unfortunately, the study was badly flawed.

A persistent problem with gun studies is their low academic standards and biased interpretations.

It becomes clear why this study was chosen, and the Liberals used Cabinet Confidentiality to hide the rest.”