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Mendicino Must Resign!

And just like that, the average Canadian knows precisely how it has felt like for vetted, legal, sport-shooters, hunters, and firearms collectors since October 2021 and beyond.
The lies have piled up to the point that the average Canadian citizen is now enraged by the hypocrisy of this government and it’s ‘so-called’ Safety Minister and the consistent pattern of alleged ‘miscommunication’ by their offices.
Although there are no doubts that Mendicino has been cajoled and forced into situations where he has had to spread ‘misinformation and disinformation’ to push the political agendas of his overseers, it took the lenient treatment of one of Canada’s most heinous child rapist murderers for it to come to the forefront. An absolutely hypocritical move by a government that feigns championing feminism, using the excuse of protecting women to confiscate firearms from daily monitored legal owners, while at the same time swatting down the proposal that women may have the right to protect themselves with pepper spray, an idea revived due to the crime crisis that this government has blissfully created.

From this point on, the name Bernardo should be synonymous with the names Trudeau and Mendicino, and to an extent by conveniently leaving evil to fester, Singh.
There is no forgiving this outrage – an outrage that has been proven their offices were aware of – despite what they panic and stutter to rebut.

Mendicino has not only been caught spreading misinformation (to put it politely) on multiple occasions, but has also shown blatant disrespect for the rule of law and average Canadians when texts during the ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Ottawa saw him stating that a ‘January 6th style’ insurrection would be of benefit to their government, reveling in the idea of chaos to push their political agenda – much in the way that the PMO and previous safety minister used the Nova Scotia incident to push blatant and unrelated ideological goals.

Mendicino though is beyond salvation, and without a resignation or shuffling of his position will show a blatant disregard and disrespect for the position of which he still, at this point, holds.

For those not paying attention,

He stated he relied on the advice of law enforcement for invoking the Emergencies Act, contrary to later testimony from the RCMP and Chief of the Ottawa Police.(…/mendicino-misunderstood-in…)

He was caught lying about the Roxham Road and irregular border crossers, saying the Safe Third Country Agreement was working, only to later be forced under pressure to close it.(…/trudeau-knocks-poilievre-s…)

He stated that Beijing’s secret police stations in Canada were all shut down when they were revealed to be still going strong a month after the fact.(…/15/mendicino-chinese-police-stations/)

And now the Correctional Service of Canada has stated that they contacted Mendicino’s office TWICE (as well as Trudeau’s office) to notify him of the transfer of the infamous serial child rapist and murderer Paul Bernardo to more comfortable accommodations, which was simply ‘business as usual’ for this Liberal/NDP coalition government.(…/public-safety-minister-office…)

On top of all that, Mendicino has done nothing but lie about their new firearms measures in Canada, being caught in his ‘misinformation’ campaign when legal owners across Canada finally woke up to the oversteps of the Trudeau government, Mendicino mandated Bills that started as a luke-warm ‘handgun freeze’ – Luke warm, only in the sense that most Canadians did not realise it only affected sport shooters and collectors, not the villains who actually perpetrate gun crime.

By the time Mendicino and Trudeau were done, the average Canadian was under the assumption firearms owners in Canada were running amok in the streets with automatic weapons.
It took the ‘Uncle Joe’ campaign of the Conservative Party to ‘wake up’ rural and indigenous groups to the reality that they were adding to the ban, most commonly used hunting rifles – on top of the already banned competitive sport firearms and heirlooms they had already taken from a much smaller demographic of the firearms community.

We know Mendicino is a liar – simply from the fact that he has openly lied online, on television, and in print, about the firearms we personally own.

Canada, welcome to have we have felt for months, years, and decades.

Mendicino must resign.