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New Minister Of Public Safety Announced – Dominic LeBlanc

As the major Trudeau cabinet shuffle comes to a close, we now find Dominic LeBlanc the Minister of Public Safety, as well as Democratic Institutions, and Intergovernmental Affairs.
On top of falling heir to Mendicino’s mess of arbitrary and ideologically based firearms bans, he is also tasked, coincidentally, with the modernization of the RCMP and steps towards revising and reexamining First Nations policing. A former contender for Liberal leader, and known for swooping in on disastrous situations, such as the Hunter Tootoo controversy, as well as his more recent work justifying the imposition of a carbon tax on non-compliant provinces, it is yet to be seen as to whether he will pursue legal, law-abiding and vetted Canadian firearms owners with the zeal and conviction that his now disgraced predecessors exhibited. Either way, we would be more than happy to meet with and attempt to enlighten the new Minister on the actual ‘truth’ of the firearms question in Canada, and we extend an open invitation.

It is time to dispel the near decade of fearmongering that this Federal Government has depended on to win the votes of the unknowing and uninitiated in terms of firearms ownership.
If the polls have anything to say about it, Canadians aren’t buying into the ‘scare-tactics’ anymore.    

Canada’s National Firearms Association