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NFA supports Conservative efforts on firearms law reform

Canada’s National Firearms Association is pleased to support the efforts of the Conservative government in fulfilling its promise to end the requirement to register long guns. Speaking from Prince George, NFA President Sheldon Clare stated “The Harper government’s positive efforts in making this step towards fulfilling the promises made to Canadian firearm enthusiasts bode well for further reforms to Canada’s firearms law. It is not often that laws get repealed, so it is very encouraging to see bad law like this being struck down,” he continued. “This bill reflects positive consultation with affected organizations and people, and the efforts of many individuals in the firearms community who took the time to make their concerns known, often over a period of many years. That work will continue as this is but the first step towards better firearms laws. This repeal will take away a festering sore that has been an irritant to many Canadians.”

The bill includes several good first steps that bode well for firearms owners. First, the bill promises to ensure the complete destruction of the registration data – this has been a major concern of people who worried about any subsequent efforts to re-build the registry and again target the wrong people. Second, the bill removes the requirement to call and confirm transfers – this feature in an earlier bill was considered to be merely registration in another form. There is still a requirement for people to present a license – the difference now is that the transaction no longer needs to be recorded. This step alone will save the taxpayer a tremendous amount of money. There are also some technical amendments which we are still examining, but on balance, Canada’s National Firearms Association is very pleased with this effort by the Conservatives.
Canada’s National Firearms Association looks forward to working with the government to make further improvements to Canada’s flawed firearms laws.


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