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Notice of Election 2013 & Call for Nomination

Canada’s National Firearms Association announces that elections will be held for the Board of Directors. Interested parties should submit a nomination form and a short (200 words) biography and statement of intent to the National office no later than February 15, 2013. Nomination forms are available for downloads.

In accordance with the Bylaws, a total of five nominations are sought for the following position:

  1. The property and business of the association shall be managed by a board of directors elected from the following electoral regions as described below:

Electoral Area – Directors to Elect

1 – Alberta – Northwest Territories & Out-of-Canada

1 – British Columbia – Yukon

0 – Manitoba – Nunavut

1 – Newfoundland – Labrador – Maritimes

1 – Ontario

1 – Quebec

0 – Saskatchewan

  1. Each of the above would form one electoral area when electing its director(s). Out-of-Canada members will vote as part of the Alberta membership. The combinations above shall apply until such time as those specific provinces and territories develop sufficient membership to form separate electoral areas.
  2. Each electoral area containing at least 5 percent (5%) of the voting members of the association on September 1 of an election year is entitled to elect one, but only one director. Each electoral area containing at least 10 percent (10%) of the voting members of the association on September 1 of an election year is entitled to elect two, but only two directors. A voting member may vote only for candidate(s) in the electoral area in which he or she resides.
  3. A province, territory or Out-of-Canada grouping may form an electoral area when dividing the electoral area it is part of will mean that both of that province(s) and/or territory or grouping each have at least 5 percent (5%) of the voting membership of the association. Provinces and territories not having sufficient numbers to form an electoral area will be combined with an adjacent province or territory as determined by the board of Directors.

Directors must be individuals, 18 years of age or older at the time of the election, with power under Canadian law sign contracts.

  1. Directors shall be elected by surface mail, electronic mail, or secure call-in telephone ballot of voting members for a term of 2 years, except as noted below:
  2. An electoral area with 2 directors shall elect one each year, except in the first year in which these bylaws come into effect at which time all directors will be elected. The director, from an area with 2 directors, having the second highest number of votes will serve a one year term and that directorship will be up for election for a two-year term in the subsequent election. In the event of a tie, the matter will be determined by a draw. The directors for Saskatchewan and Manitoba-Nunavut will likewise be the first elected as a one year term so that about half of the board of directors is subject to election each year.


Nomination form