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Official Statement from the NFA – Bill C-21

Although we have known since day one that this legislation would be pushed through by the Trudeau Liberals (Enabled by the Bloc and the NDP), our official statement is now available from the head office of Canada’s National Firearms Association.
Simply put, All is not lost.
We just find ourselves in limbo and must wait for an election, so that we can deal with a more reasonable and common-sense government, not so prone to ideology and pandering to special interest groups.
It is important to note that for the last eight years, Canadian Firearms Owners have survived an extremely aggressive majority, and de facto-majority Liberal government who have, for the most part, been unable to fully put into force their agenda.
We have endured and will continue to do so.
Hold on to what you have as best you can, within the confines of the law, and wait for an election. Under our current system, this is the only way for law-abiding firearms owners.
Mark our words, if we can hold the next federal government to its promises, one day, in the not-too-distant future, our heirlooms, tools of competition, and artifacts will no longer be ‘Frozen’ (or, in reality, banned in slow motion).