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airsoft – house of commons petition against Bill C-21

Petition to the Government of Canada – e-3201

  • The Government of Canada and Minister of Public Safety have introduced Bill C-21, which includes sections that would prohibit the overwhelming majority of airsoft guns from sale in Canada and many paintball markers;
  • Bill C-21’s ban on the sale of airsoft guns will cause hundreds of small businesses to close overnight, leaving thousands unemployed and without a source of income;
  • Bill C-21 will negatively impact the lives of thousands of Canadians who rely on the sale of airsoft guns as a source of income or part of their business revenue;
  • Bill C-21 represents some of the most strict rules regarding airsoft in the world;
  • Countries with severe gun control measures still allow the possession, sale, and use of airsoft guns; and
  • Airsoft and paintball do not represent any risk to public safety, having existed in Canada for decades, and being enjoyed by residents and citizens across Canada and all around the world.
We, the undersigned, residents and citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:
1. Reject Bill C-21 to save the jobs of thousands of Canadians;
2. Fully and unambiguously legalize airsoft and paintball so citizens and residents can continue to purchase and use as sporting equipment
3. Recognize that airsoft and paintball are safe activities that many tens of thousands of Canadians participate in;
4. Recognize that airsoft and paintball do not represent any risk to public safety and banning will not improve public safety; and
5. Not needlessly target law abiding citizens who use airsoft and paintball for sporting purposes.

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