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Self Defence Needs Tools

Recent incidents of violence highlight the futility of banning items as a means of preventing personal injury. “It is pretty clear that a determined person with an evil plan will find the means to carry out that agenda independent of controls on knives, firearms, or even sharp sticks and rocks,” said NFA President Sheldon Clare, speaking from his office in Prince George, BC. “The science is clear that control of items has very little to do with the bad choices people make, and really has very little to do with preventing or limiting the effect of violent acts,” he continued. Clare pointed out, “What the evidence demonstrates as actually making a difference is to allow people to make use of defensive tools to defend themselves from those with ill intent – that is allowing a general ability for good people to be able to arm themselves against acts of violence.

The current laws allow Canadians to be able to carry firearms for protection; however, applications to do so are turned down as a matter of routine. It is time that Canada re-examined the restrictive policy on defensive firearms use and started recognizing the net benefit to societal protection that defensive firearms provide.” Clare acknowledged, “Not everyone in society would avail themselves of that ability, but the fact that many would , would provide a net protective benefit to society and serve to deter violence, and also to put a quick stop to violent acts in their critical initial moments. It is certainly true that the first act taken upon encountering a bad person attempting to misuse a firearm or a knife is to call someone armed with a firearm to stop that person. It is pretty clear to most sensible people that banning knives or firearms, and forcing ordinary people to have firearms licenses do not stop bad behaviour. Canada’s firearm laws have gotten away from giving people the tools to defend themselves, and it is time to go back to a time when such activity was both routine and respected,” Clare concluded.

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