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Statement from Cassandra Parker

My name is Cassandra Parker.

I am a law-abiding firearms owner. I am a hunter. I am a target shooter. I am a small business owner. I am also a mother and a wife.

I am licensed to possess firearms. My firearms are registered, as required by law. I have always used them and stored them safely and legally.

But, on May 1, 2020, the Government of Canada prohibited many of my firearms, both those that I owned personally and those owned by my family-run business, K.K.S. Tactical Supplies Ltd. These firearms were prohibited not by an Act of Parliament, with the democratic assent of our elected representatives, but by Order-in-Council – a declaration by Cabinet, without the possibility of debate or dissent.

Those firearms have now been rendered worthless. My business cannot sell them. I cannot use them. Using or selling those firearms is now a criminal offence, punishable by years in the penitentiary – a lengthy prison sentence for doing something that was absolutely legal the day before the Order came into effect.

This is wrong. It is unfair. It cannot stand.

I was always taught that the only way to deter bullies is to stand up to them. As law-abiding firearms owners, we must stand up to the bullies in Ottawa who would make us criminals with the stroke of a pen.

To stand up to these bullies, I have retained Solomon Friedman of Friedman Mansour LLP in Ottawa. Solomon is one of the foremost experts on firearms law in Canada and I am pleased that he has taken on this challenge.

But we are not alone in this challenge. Canada’s National Firearms Association has generously agreed to support my challenge. They are also intervening on our challenge to provide the NFA’s expertise to the Court. I am ever grateful for their assistance. Simply put, this fight would not be possible without the NFA’s assistance.

We have filed our application. But the work is just beginning. Months of litigation lie ahead.

We are currently assembling evidence that will demonstrate that the government’s decision is illegal and contrary to the Criminal Code. We hope to have this Order-in-Council declared of no force and effect. That decision would benefit all affected firearms owners.

If you would like to support this challenge, please go to contribute. Please indicate “Parker v. Canada” on the donation form. Every little bit helps.

Thank you all!