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The Liberal Hunting Ban is NOT OVER!

The Liberal Hunting Ban is NOT OVER!

With Bill C-21 firmly passed and moved to the committee stage, we now only have until October to voice our concerns before the handgun ban, as well as the legal tools to proceed with the hunting rifle ban, are firmly cemented into place as law. 

Although the infamous G (Hunting Rifle Ban) Amendments were withdrawn from the handgun ban, hunters should not be breathing a sigh of relief. It was recently announced that C-21 will be used to put a newly re-formed Firearms Advisory Committee into place and that firearms deemed ‘unacceptable’, will then be banned by Order in Council. Many, if not all, of the original G Amendment firearms, will be reviewed and undoubtedly banned piecemeal, with no means of retort or debate. The hunting rifle ban is still alive and well, just in an indirect and duplicitous piecemeal manner. This Bill intends to destroy Sport Shooting as we know it in Canada, and threatens to deal an inconceivable blow to our nation’s Hunters, Farmers, and First Nations. We strongly urge all of our members, as well as the Canadian firearms community in general, to reach out to the listed senators and voice your disapproval of the scapegoating of legal, vetted, and law-abiding Canadian firearms owners. E-mail, as well as physical letter-writing addresses, are listed below. This is zero-hour – our last chance to stop this unfair attack on our communities. Let your voices be heard.


The SECD website itself:

Here is the html with links from the actual website:


Tony Dean
ISG – (Ontario)

Deputy Chair

Jean-Guy Dagenais
CSG – (Quebec – Victoria)

Margaret Dawn Anderson
PSG – (Northwest Territories)

Peter M. Boehm
ISG – (Ontario)

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu
C – (Quebec – La Salle)

Donna Dasko
ISG – (Ontario)

Marty Deacon
ISG – (Ontario – Waterloo Region)

Clément Gignac
PSG – (Quebec – Kennebec)

Victor Oh
C – (Ontario – Mississauga)

David Richards
CSG – (New Brunswick)

Hassan Yussuff
ISG – (Ontario)


For physical letter mail:

(Name of Senator)
The Senate of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4