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The Official Opposition in the Yukon has made their stance on firearms clear.

Today, February 12th, 2024, the The Yukon Party has issued a call to the current Liberal Government of the Yukon for a Firearms Act to be implemented.
Following the example of Alberta and Saskatchewan, a Firearms Act would, effectively, protect law-abiding firearms owners in the event that a confiscation regime from the Federal Liberals in Ottawa would finally take place. The Yukon would also establish a territorially appointed Chief Firearms Officer who would have jurisdiction over the licensing, storage, transportation, and carrying of firearms, as well as licensing instructors to provide firearm safety training. At the moment, these responsibilities are carried out by the Chief Firearms Officer of British Columbia.
Should the current party in power, the Yukon Liberals, actually adhere to these demands, or should the Yukon Party seize power in the next election, these actions would undoubtedly be a great step forward for law-abiding Canadians, and property rights advocates, in the territory.
“It is time to develop territorial firearms legislation for Yukoners that reflects life in the north and mandates a Yukon-based Chief Firearms Officer to help promote firearms safety and ensure all rules with respect to firearms ownership are followed.” said Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon
Thank you Party Leader Dixon and Justice Critic Brad Cathers, MLA for Lake Laberge