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The Truth About Women and Firearms in Canada

In preparation for ‘Ladies Range Day’ at Silverdale Gun Club ( ) , July 15th in St Anns, Ontario, we let our General Manager, Ginger Fournier, send some lead downrange before the event. Women have a long and time-honoured tradition in Canada of being ‘just as good as the boys’ when it comes to marksmanship, so we thought we’d also drop a few facts that the Liberal/NDP coalition tends to “forget” as they push forward ‘willy-nilly’ with their firearms bans. The quickest-growing demographic of firearms owners and competitors in Canada are women, following in the footsteps of famous Canadian Legends Susan Nattrass, Cynthia Meyer, Linda Thom, and Lynda Kiejko – all the way back to Madeleine de Verchères. The Liberal/NDP coalition conveniently tends to neglect that reality. Help us protect the rights of ALL Canadian firearms owners.

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