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V-P Message

Data, Details & Disarmament - A message from NFA's vice-president Blair Hagen. Featured in the July-August issue of the CFJ.

Data, Details & Disarmament

You, I and most Canadians who are not independently wealthy, which is most of us, are suffering the crippling economic ramifications of the dangerous and deliberate economic decisions of Justin’s Liberal government. We’re earning less, keeping less of what we earn and paying more for things we buy, all while Justin’s government is taking more of our earnings for redistribution to their pet causes, ideologies and bureaucracies. That’s scary.

The majority of Canadians now enjoy a lower standard of living than our parents’ generation, and if you have kids, when they are working adults, they will enjoy an even lower standard of living than you and I. Justin recently declared that anyone not in sync with his government is a “racist, sexist, fringe minority” who will be ignored.

In order to put ourselves in a position to recreate a better Canada and a better economy which might put our children in a stronger position to enjoy a better standard of living, Justin’s Liberal government must be defeated. That is also the only solution to stop the Liberal civil disarmament agenda. We live in a much poorer, less free and divisive Canada under Justin Trudeau’s Kakistocracy. Look it up.

One of the worst offenses perpetrated against the right and property of Canadians is the Trudeau government’s May 2020 OIC, which promises to confiscate the property of thousands of Canadians if allowed to reach its conclusion.

That May 2020 OIC really showed the Liberal’s hand. Those who held registrations for OIC firearms were notified of the impending confiscation of that property. Those who participated in the previous ill-fated Liberal gun registry and held pre-2012 registrations for OIC firearms were also notified the government still had a record of that registration and if they still possessed the firearm, they had better comply with the confiscation. Or else.

However, there is some good news, if you can call it that. The deadline to deal with May 2020 OIC firearms has been extended to October 2023. And there’s more. The May 2020 OIC firearms regulations were long on civil disarmament ideology, but short on details regarding simple, everyday situations such as changing one’s address. If you own restricted or prohibited firearms, you know that an authorization is legally required to transport your firearms to a new address when you move.

Those May 2020 OIC regulations didn’t provide for that. Since registrations were “cancelled,” no authorizations were to be provided to facilitate  this, and therefore thousands of owners of OIC firearms were put in a legally precarious situation when they had to change addresses. Various provincial chief firearms officers (CFOs) gave vague and confusing verbal advisories, including encouraging firearms license holders to simply move without authorization, but they refused to formally authorize owners who found themselves between this rock and a hard place.

Likewise, many owners who found they could not continue to store OIC firearms at their registered address (the only place they were authorized to be stored), those who had to leave Canada to work or immigrate and those who simply could not maintain an address were forced to hand over their property to law enforcement agencies when circumstances dictated they could not store the firearms according to the insane OIC regulations. There were no legal alternatives available. Many individuals lost their property because of this deliberate and punitive malfeasance on the part of Liberals and their bureaucracy.

Remember that and don’t forget it. These built-in catch 22s of the May 2020 OIC enabled the unavoidable self-criminalization of individuals and ultimate loss of property.

However, OIC regulations have now been amended to allow provincial CFOs to authorize transportation for change of address and to authorize alternative storage at an address other than that of the firearms license holder. All done over two years after the fact. Two years!

And now for the latest attempt to deprive you of your rights and property, the C-71 Liberal gun registry, imposed on May 18, 2022.

From that date forward, all rifles and shotguns will be registered on transfer by reference number, and the data collected by businesses and individuals who are doing the buying, selling and transferring.

Although make, model and serial number may not be tied to the initial transfer of a firearm, it is tied to the firearm at point of purchase and between individuals, and that information is subject to demand by a CFO. If that data is collected and stored digitally, as is the case with many licensed firearms businesses in Canada in 2022, transfer on demand to CFP/CFO becomes more logistically possible than in the past, and if a province passes legislation constructing a provincial gun registry, that data is ready and available to aid in its construction.

Does that sound paranoid? Sounds that way to me too, but stay with me here.

There are several ways this can transpire. Upon the passage of Bill C-19 in 2012, the ending of the first long gun registry in Canada, the National Firearms Association warned the Conservative government that the bill would not preclude the maintenance of registration records and the acquisition of further data by CFP/CFO in order to maintain some semblance of a registry which could facilitate the confiscation of property in the future. To the credit of that government, they added a component to the bill that demanded the registrar of fire-arms destroy all data relating to long gun registration after the bill passed. We now know this was not done, that various government bureaucracies and actors secured that data in defiance of parliament, and that to this day the current Liberal government uses it for their own nefarious purposes and offenses against the rights and property of Canadians.

Even after this component became part of Bill C-19, and the legislation was passed by parliament, CFOs quietly began preparations to collect data on firearm transfers within their own provincial jurisdictions. Again, Canada’s National Firearms Association warned the Conservative government this was transpiring, and that government had to warn CFOs to cease their bureaucratic machinations and conform to the spirit of the legislation.

Data is an interesting thing. Data can be used to manufacture and create statistics to support regulatory and legislative agendas and can be used to target and confiscate property. There are devils in data, and those devils come out and play with the vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein monsters that lurk in the Firearms Act and the firearms program.
In a sane world, data can even be used for legitimate purposes to se-cure public safety and save lives. We do not live in a sane world, or a sane Canada, and public safety is not the goal of this program. Civil disarmament is. Tell me I am wrong.

Canada’s National Firearms Association will continue to work to elect a government that will legislate firearms law reforms which respect the rights and property of Canadians and will work to ensure that any data collected by the new Liberal gun registry is ultimately destroyed. 

Blair Hagen, Executive VP-Communication