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March – April 2023

IT’S TIME – As of this writing, the universal outrage by Canadians directed at the Trudeau Liberal’s Bill C-21 gun confiscation bill has caused not only Conservative MPs, but now also NDP and even certain Liberal MPs, to question C-21 and stall its progress in Parliament. There’s no question that Justin Trudeau wants to disarm Canadians and confiscate lawfully owned property instead of targeting violent recidivist criminals who terrorize the streets of Canadian cities.
Why? Because Trudeau believes violent criminals are victims of society, and that Canadians who own and use firearms lawfully and responsibly are the danger to public safety. We’ve all been living in a crazy, upside down, bizarro Canada since Trudeau was elected in 2016, but now he has gone too far. The rights, freedoms and property of every Canadian are in danger. If Trudeau can confiscate firearms, what other property is next? Where does it end?

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