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Trudeau is forcing US to pay HIS legal bills against Law-abiding firearms owners.

Stand Firm Trudeau is forcing US to pay HIS legal bills against Law-abiding firearms owners.

The Story so far…

It is no secret that Canada’s National Firearms Association led the charge in the court battle against the 2020 Trudeau gun bans. Although other challengers were lumped in with us, our case, and our lawyer, took the lead.

What is lesser known is that, in order to defeat the Liberal narrative of ‘The Big Bad Gun Lobby’, we sought out one of our members to be a representative for the court case. Enter a young, single mother of two, whose gun store, and livelihood was at risk due to Trudeau’s bans, Cassy Premack, of Prince George, BC. 

Cassandra (Cassy) Premack

We provided top-tier legal counsel, financial backing, and were with her every step of the way.

We knew that our chances of victory were slim, and a simple bid to buy time and slow the government down as we planned our next move. A liberally appointed judge, a team of full time government lawyers, and a full-on media campaign to detract from our cause was what we were up against.

Cassandra Parker and K.K.K. Tactical Supplies LTD.

The legal battle was long and fierce, and the NFA had a changing of the guard. Cassy’s store closed, forcing the young mother into bankruptcy, and disappointingly, though not unexpectedly, we lost – But we survived to fight another day, and forced the Liberals to rethink their strategy. In the end, we gained precious time and we bloodied the Gun Grabber’s noses in the court of public opinion.

Cassy VS Trudeau

The Liberals then retreated to Bill C-21, and we redirected our efforts to preparing for this inevitable legislation, but what happened next, no one could have expected.

The Liberals are going after Cassy.

This self-professed, progressive Liberal government is now targeting our single mother of two from rural British Columbia. They’ve already taken her store, and now they intend to punish her for disobedience. They are now demanding she pay their legal bills. Absolutely outrageous. But their agenda is twofold. Not only do they want to make an example of Cassy, but they want to dismantle our current plans against their new legislation, namely our efforts in the fight against Bill C-21, now law.

We will support Cassy – and the Liberal/NDP coalition is banking on it. This is nothing more than an attempt to weaken us and drain our resources against the now law, C-21, to save one of our own.

In short, the Liberals are intending to use our own integrity against us. They are attempting to derail our efforts against them. But we intend to turn the tables.

How can you help?

The plan is simple.

It is obvious that our actions have shaken the Liberals and their ideological supporters to the core. There’s no reason they would risk the public backlash of going after such a heartbreaking and unobjectionable figure as Cassy otherwise.

They are desperate. 

 We will stand by her. She is one of us.

But we also cannot afford to let up our efforts on C-21. We are diligently dismantling and working steadily to undermine the tangled web of legislation that they have woven. The Order in Council is now a lost cause, destined to be wiped away with the stroke of a pen by the next government – but the, now law, C-21 is not so simple. We have laid the groundwork to buckle down and make their enforcement of their ‘confiscation by attrition’ policy so difficult as to be impossible, and we need to continue this important work until we have a solid, receptive government in place. The resources necessary for this important undertaking will be drastically cut if forced to take the full brunt of the attack on Cassy alone. We need the community to come together, and help us cover the costs that the Liberals are demanding from Cassy, without having to compromise on our other efforts. We cannot allow any setbacks, or bumps in the road. We need to continue at full throttle.

Help us, help Cassy so we can get back to what matters – Undermining C-21 and working towards a complete rewrite of the Canadian Firearms Act.

Thank You.

Please consider a contribution to the NFA ‘s ’Stand-Firm’ fund below, so we can help Cassy, and can get back to the real fight.


Help ensure we have the resources needed to protect YOUR rights!

The battle lines are drawn.

With your help, we can show Dominic LeBlanc that the NFA is a force to be reckoned with. 


The time to act is NOW.


Stand with us. Let’s send a message that cannot be ignored.