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Trudeau is back for revenge, and your guns are at risk.

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I’m asking you to please sign the enclosed STOP TRUDEAU’S CIVIL DISARMAMENT AGENDA PETITION right away. Thank you very much!

I aim to combine your petition with those I receive from across Canada and deliver them to Dominic LeBlanc at his office in Ottawa as soon as possible.

This new petition from Canada’s NFA demands that Dominic LeBlanc:

  1. Focus his energy on keeping Canadians safe from REAL threats in the crime-infested cities that have deteriorated so much under the Liberals’ watch;
  2. ABANDON the Liberal Party’s gun-grabbing agenda, REVERSE all firearms policy changes enacted since 2015 and REFUSE to implement Justin Trudeau’s civil disarmament agenda and
  3. Finally, work WITH and not AGAINST Canada’s firearms community.

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The NFA launched this new petition drive as part of long-standing efforts to protect your rights and freedoms from the worst gun-hater to ever hold high office in our country, Justin Trudeau.

I’ve set a goal of delivering no fewer than 100,000 signed petitions to Dominic LeBlanc’s office – a huge, terrifying number too big for any Liberal MP to ignore.

Not only will 100,000 petitions cause Dominic LeBlanc to think twice, but once nervous Liberal backbenchers hear we’ve flooded his office with that many submissions, they’re bound to urge Trudeau’s cabinet to back down (again!).

So please, when you rush me your signed petition, can I count on you to also include an urgent donation of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or even $1,000 or more to help us reach our 100,000-signature goal?

The NFA urgently needs your help.

Without your immediate gift, this petition drive – and our best (and maybe only) chance to send a strong, persuasive message to Dominic LeBlanc – will be dead before I can even get it off the ground.

Rick Igercich, National President & CEO, National Firearms Association